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From New Orleans/SE LA, Tyler Kinchen & The Right Pieces are reaping much acclaim and attention, performing from New York City to Los Angeles and around the South, impressing an ideal of true Southern gentlemen. Their energetic style of R&B/Funk is eclectic and electric, soulful and natural. With Tyler’s voice and composing leading a tight, foundational rhythm section embellished by horns, Tyler Kinchen & The Right Pieces are the emerging musical unit of the US South and the future of R&B. 
Their live performance is incomparable with as much high-energy music and physicality as there is intimate soul. Time after time, their show proves to be every bit of New Orleans’ charisma and Southern charm with catchy dance moves, innovative songs, and high-flying solos all led by a voice like no other. Their newest album, Acoustic Disdrometer, has established them as a regional favorite with national and international fan bases sprouting up and growing everywhere.

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